Sunday, July 30, 2006

$our Nites

Im chillin....."So hit me on my beepa, hit me on my beepa". But ummmmmmmm yeah. Somebody told me that this place was going to be a good spot to be on a Saturday night. So I figure"Blest, go ahead and enjoy the city in which you reside because you havent been out in awhile". So me and my bestest of pals Dave go. We go expecting their to be a few nice lookin young ladies and a few dudes here and there. But it wasnt. As you can see in exhibit:A above, Nobody was sitting anywhere near us or even away from us.Do you know why they werent sitting anywhere? Cause their asses were'nt their to be seated!!!!! So we decided to go to IHOP(they betta pay me). And IHOP we did. I was sooo tired from not socializing so much that I had worked up a serious apetite.So I ate like a Big Breakfast Combo or somethin. It was aight. The service sucked but what was even worse was the common sense of the waitress. Now she may have been having a bad 2am start off to her morning, but she gave my homie half of a lemmon on the side of his glass of tea. You know they usually put a nice thin slice. NOOO! Half a lemmon everybody, Half a damn Lemmon. What is my boy gonna do when he has more lemon than tea? But it was still a good night though. For some reason we ended up deciding to chill at a police station and watch the popo bring in homeless people. So, the lessons learned this weekend. 1) Never listen to Brazilians w/ sexy ass curves:)
2) Have your camera ready because you never know when your going to see two chiks stripping in a club window.......4real

Peace In, Blest

Friday, July 28, 2006

They Really Werent Playin Fair

I have to say that I was the first to sigh for relief when I heard that the clipse were gettin the go ahead to release their album "Hell Hath No Fury". The Clipse are sick period. Their vrebal game is well above some of the top "acts" in the industry. Massive Metaphors as well. After bein jerked at jive in 2000, they went on hiatus. During that time they fed the streets with dope mixtapes. Now Detroits Dj and Evil Empire are doin "We Got the Remix". A whole mixtape with remixes of the clipse songs. Now you may think this is just your run of the mill remix ish, but its not. Its bein remixed by crazy cats such as Diplo, Ghislain Poirier, Nick Catchdubs and mo. It even has appearences from Missy Elliot and members of the Re-Up Gang(The Clipse new label)


Only for folks w/ don cheadle cards:)

I saw this on the coolhunting site. This was really crazy and you know they only mess with people who have serious paper cause they didnt even put the price for services up. Anywhoo, this is called camp concierge. Its in the Adirondacks and they are basically a bunch of Farnsworth Bentleys in the mountains(Look out for Bentleys new album on G.O.O.D Music) They do ya laundry, grocery shopping, catering, repair, basically anything you dont feel like doing. This is crazy. I cant wait till the day!

Peace, Blest

Sweet Voltage

This product is a much needed thing in todays society. When so many people are trying to stop smoking cigarettes, weed, candy, or any type of small addiction:). Basically all you do is put whatever your not supposed to have in the jar and set the timer. You can set it for whatever you want within 24hours. If you try and get it out before the timer runs out got it, a good as amount of voltage to yo ass! Its hella cheap at only ten bucks. What would be in your Shocolate Vault? I knoew I would probably have my camera, a gang of condoms:), some "POM" juice, and Instrumental discs.
Im untill the next......Peace Out


WeeksEnd....Thank God

Earlier I mentioned that I was stranded. This is all I had. My new rhymebook(3rd this summer), My on/off celly, My trusty cd player with instrumental disc inside, And the beat-up laptop. This is what I looked at from 6am to 2am everyday. I couldnt leave the apartment cause I had no car and nobody would take me home. But it was cool though, my cuz was really cool about the whole situation so that made being there easy.

Old Stuff, Old Pics

Bottom Pic: So I leave Arkansas and Im feeling pretty good about not having to hear that "pig-Sooey" chant. Im not downin the state.......just the razorbacks. They suck but they have the some pretty loyal fans. You would think they win championships every year the way they look up to the football team. Si Im waiting in the hot ass parking lot and what do I see. A damn Razorback license plate cover over a texas license plate. I cant escape.

Top Pic: Once I found out I didntr have to wait outside in the parking lot oven, they told me I could wait inside. I was in a dress shirt w/ tie and everything due to job searching. so I went into the office and sat my sweaty self down and then got that itch.........I do this 4real.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well I have been out here stranded with my cousin for about a week and three days. It was actually a blessing in disguise. While I was here I have wrote about three songs that I think will be dope when I put them together at school. Speaking of school.......I leave next friday ninjas! Im ready to get everything rolling again. But back to the blessing thing. I have got alot done as far as my rhymes go. I went through a whole rhymebook this summer.....damn. I even came up with a few ways to make the blog better. So Watch out cause I got stuff lined up. Im shootin for the end product to be something like a hypebeast but a little more hood.Now that I think about this summer, It flew by fast as hell. But still not fast enuff. I didnt get out as much as I wanted cause of gas, nothing to acually do, nobody to do IT with, and that pen and paper keeps callin! So if I was supposed to hang with you this summer.......ur bad u know where I live. I guess thats it for now. SO UNTILL NEXT TIME "Cut the drama and just give me the DJ"-Blest

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Deep Space

Im back ladys and pigs!!!! Again. This is my second time typing this damn post cause this computer is jank. But back to the beef and potatoes. Im a huge fan of indie music. Its the only way to hear real music that hasnt been watered down. My favorite indie label Def Jux is like the Bulls back when they had jordan, a dynasty! But their are no scottie pippens, just a team full of MJs'. I can remember the day when I copped their first release. I was coming home from basketball practice and was making my weekly run to the CD Warehouse(RIP). I saw it. Copped it. Ran back to the apt and popped it in the player. I was like......what the hell is this? It was so wierd.....and sounded so strange........but I loved it. My favorite track on their was the one with Mr.Lif and Murs on it. The most popular song from this CD was Step Father Factory by Head Hancho El-P. I loved the production on the tracks as well. It sounded like it was music from the future......seriously! I listened to it for the next 2.5 weeks. Even before games when evrybody was listenin to hype ish......I was bumpin my Def Jux CD. This was all around 9th grade and Im about to be a junior in college. So Im a pretty loyal fan. They inspired me so much. After hearing them, I felt like I had to step my rhymes up to another level. Check them out @

Peace, Blest

Monday, July 24, 2006

Supreeme In-Store@Criminal Records(Winterfresh)

These are my guys Supreeme out of ATL. I have been on them for a minute and they are "Winterfresh". They are something new in hip-hop. The members are Nagashi Armada, Dope Pope, and King self. They got dope production and their content is good also. I think they just signed with Warner Brothers so theyre makin moves mane! You should also scoop their debut album up titled SUPREMACY!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Reading Is Funforthemental

I was gonna post about these two books I am in the process of reading. One is "The Celestine Prophecy", this book has been out for the longest. Its about people in the world becoming more spiritually aware. Its a really dope book. This is my third time reading it. The second one I got in the middle of the second semester. Its called "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron and deals with "blocked" creativity. It has excercises in their and tips and other ish for any artist regardless of genre who is having trouble gettin the juices flowin'. I would have pics of the books but the upload stuff is jacked up. But Im out for now...........Im stranded at my cuzzo's house and it sucks cause I dont have any of my instrumentals with me! Peace

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm

I was sittin in my room a week ago and I was watching CNN. Then it just seemed as if the stuff over in the Middle East with Israel and Hezballah started poppin off. I was like "Damn! Another war over there!?!" And then when I heard that the government was gona try to charge to rescue Americans I realized that we as a people aint shit. U know its fucked up when we cant just help people because they need help. But back to the thought at hand. ISRAEL IS AT WAR!!!! Now I know that there may not be that many religious folks in the world today, but in the bible it says something about Israel being at war. I dont know exactly but its something like, if Israel is destroyed or defeated then the world will end because Israel is favored by God. This makes me say more than hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Universoul Circus

I know many people from up north have this misconception of folks from the south. They say we talk funny. We think you guys sound like you have loads of spit in your mouths. They think that we are sooo much slower than they are, which may be true to a certain degree. But their isnt anything wrong with that. And some even say we dress lame and have no fashion sense. When my cousin from up north told me all of this I was like..........Fuck'em. Untill I saw this picture. If yall cats call this fashion in the NYC then I think you guys need to start taking notes. I have been seeing alot of pictures of kids lookin like Universoul Circus rejects. I dont think this would catch on anywhere outside of the Big Ap. Im from the south(born and raised) and Im proud to be me. But if you are gonna talk down on a whole region..............make sure you dont have any weak links!
The 3rd is gone......Peace( I still love my NY fam:)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dont Chase The Kat

MEOW: Yesterday was the premiere of a second season of my favorite show(Drum Roll Pleaze!)......Miami Ink! Its strange that this is my favorite show because I would never get a tattoo. But I can appreciate good art and the personalities on the show. Garver, Ami, both Chris's and Yoji are funny as hell. But I have to say the addition of a sexy chick named Kat Von D makes the show 10 times betta baby! She is straight outta Cali and is is so sexy to me. And she is an amazing artist whos specialty is portraits and small detailed work. It sucks cause she's married already but hey, you never know what could happen. Im gonna try and take a trip down to the shop during Spring Break so hit me up if you wanna get down wit the get down. Check the show out every Tuesday on the TLC channel after that bootleg "Pimp My Ride" show "Overhaul".

Till the next one........Peace Out Ninjas......Hmmmmm Kaaaaaaaaaat:)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Got Your Vans ONNNNN?!?!?!?

Straight Shooter: So theres a rap group called "The Pack" who skates...ummm....or a group of skaters who rap? I dont know Im not from the bay so I dont know! All I know is that damn Vans song. Im not a hater but these guys really cant spit(my opinion). But they have a very strong following on the left coast. I dont know if they are considered hyphy artists or not but people are going crazy over there hit "Vans". I have to admit that I do like the song. But thats just cause they are speaking on something different(Unlike Nelly's AF1's song), and I rock Vans myself and love the hell out of'em. Its funny cause there is even a group that made a diss record. But that shit is waaay lame. If you havent heard this song then its obvious you have spent too much time watching soft-core porn. So if you wanna check it just

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just Deserts

Think back to when you were but a wee lad being forced to play some lame sport, because your parents said you should meet other kids your age. It didnt matter if it were softball, basketball, soccer, or football, their was always that one dominate team. The team that was in the 10yr. old and under league and the players looked like they were pushin 16. They won all the games and championships. Everybody knew they were cheating. Well FIFA has booted Italian powerhouses Juventus, Lazio, and Fiorentina down to the lower B level. This verdict was brought on them due to the fixing of games through paying the refs. Of course, they wined and said it wasnt a fair punishment, trying to act like the victim in the situation. So the lesson to this little story is.........If your last name aint bonds, then dont cheat and expect to get away!
To read mo' click here----->> (We Hate Barry FanClub)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tasty Music

Anybody who knows me knows how much I need my dosage of anime and good wholesome music. Im a big fan of the Japanese culture and style of art. Me being emphatuated with anime only justifies my lustful actions during "adult swim". But the "Adult Swim" staff has commited adultery with record label "Chocolate Industries" for a sexy EP release titled Chocolate Swim. This EP has tracks from MC's such as Kovas, UK's Lady Sov, Ghislain Poirier, Mighty Mos Def & Diverse, and a great Vast Aire/MF Doom colabo. But the thing that will hit the spot is..............Its all free! Yessssirrr the whole EP is just a free MP3 download away. Now you can take the duckets you would have spent on the CD, and go buy the Venture Bros. season 1 DVD. Download it @ Good