Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hollywood Holt

Throw a kit on that bitch:) I want one!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Alot of people have been hittin' the Myspace up asking a 4 or 5 month old question "Where is the music"? Well.....its ready but......things happen. We have a shit load of new material that is tottally different from the funny stuff thats up now. Not to take away from anyones positive or negative opinions of whats up now but their are a few things missing.

  1. The sound quality is horrible. We just wanted to have something on myspace so damn bad that we just bit the bullet and put it out regardless. So we killed that problem and got a studio condensor mic with the pop-filter joint.

  2. After we were so hype about FINALLY getting a real mic, our friend and studio lender DJ Ice-Cream had some personal problems to tend to at home and had to move back to Texas for the summer.

  3. We quickly got on our grind and found a place to record and a new buddy in Dj Dr. Mom. I think now everything should be straight. I Hope!

So now that the b.s is cleared I have to tell you that we are on vacation, which is why the post have come to a halt. I can't say when we will be back from vacation but I can say that the posts will continue as before. Stay tuned cause I will be posting pics and vids of what we do, buy, and see. I've seen alot of "Youtube-worthy" stuff. We did manage to hit up the Adikt store about 3 times in one week, which would explain my slim ass pockets:)

The wait is amost over...Finally


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Update "Stronger"

These are a few stills that I jacked form the Fader site of Kanye Wests new video for the single "Stronger" off of the Graduation album. It looks like this will be another classic Kanye video. I even read that he will be turned into an anime character......Damn Ye! Stay Tuned because the video should be out shortly. Don't ever say I never gave you anything!

Peace, DMG

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (1995)

I bet you guys don't know about this:) What a throw back!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Big Tuck

Home Sweet Home :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rocksmith Rocked My World!!!!!!!!

Today was going like a pretty normal day. I mean, I woke up and thanked God for giving me another day to experience life, started to write a little, we went to grab something to eat, and then I started surfing the web. It was then that an outburst of emotion erupted from my mouth in the form of an "Ohhhh Shiiiit"! And I can thank the folks in Japan at Rocksmith for that. One of my favorite brands, Rocksmith, has started to release their summer line of tees. They have three. One is of Hip-Hop icon Kool Mo D with stars in an all-over print. The next shirt to hit the racks will be a Coogi influenced tee feauturing Biggie! I can't wait to see it! Just when I was gettin' bored, they came with some heat!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

? Grown Man On/Off ?

I was looking on facebook profiles of friends I had'nt talked to in a long time and noticed a horrible little trend. As I read qoutes and looked at pictures, it was as if everybody was trying to be older than they really were. Every page had something on it that had something to do with "gettin ya grown-man on". I could see if these were 25 to 33 year old people in the corporate world, but I'm talking about 19-23 year olds! Why in the hell would you want to act or be older than what you are? Usually it works the other way around. I mean, older folks usually try and act younger than they really are because they ENJOYED being young and free:) But young people dressing and acting like they are 30 year-old stiff ass fucks? I'm confused. Have these people not seen the MTV ads stating that "Maturity is Over-Rated". I am in no way saying not to handle responsiblities, we all will forever be obligated to take care of certain things. But this shit has to stop! Why is everybody in a hurry to look like this guy to the right? Kanye was right "U niggas wear suites cause you can't dress no mo". I am in no hurry to be a senior citizen. I will wear what I want untill the government tells me otherwise:)jk But seriously, if I see a 15 year-old with a comb-over.....I'm whoopin' ass!


How Klever are U?

This is actually a very old post but..........hey. We have been on this Dj for a minute. Actually about 9 months to be exact. This ATL bred Dj is the king of re-mixes to us right now. He remixed Damaged Good$ nemesis Gucci Maines' "My Chain" and it quickly became our favorite. And we really despise Gucci! He then put his spin on LLoyds "Get It Shawty", and its a dance classic! Now that I think of it, artists today really don't do remixes now-a-days. At least any worth listening to. Klever is definately an innovator. His "Trafik Tradeshow" mixtape is something you need in your life right now! If your not in Special Ed. then you should probably check him out. >>>>>>Dj Klever<<<<<<
~He will be in Dallas on June 26th so you might want to be there!

Something that mafe me say "hmmmmmm"

So I was checkin' "The Film Dons" blog out the other day and discovered something very interesting. He had done something with his hard earned money that most people....I take that back.....that most stupid people don't even think about. He invested some of his money! Today everyone is caught up in having everything from the newest Razor or iphone to the nicest clothes. I'm guilty as well for going overboard with the amount of shoes I buy. I have shoes that I have not even worn yet that are like two years old. And I will be honest, I probably will never stop buying shoes at this rate but I can say that I will try and do something smarter with the rest of the currency I posses. I get paid this Friday and I need a gold rope:) I promise the next check will be stashed........I'm human:)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Version Finale)

Check It.......Its a really creative video

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jones Addiction

A few months ago I would not have considered myself a lowely "Soda Drinker". In fact, I gave up drinking sodas when I was 12. But I fell off of the wagon a few months ago due to something called Jones Soda. I had been fighting it for the longest, mainly because when I first saw it I thought it was too damn expensive. But one day as I was walking through the Wal-Mart Aisles Of Temptation, I spotted a new shipment of Jones Soda at the end of the aisle. Out of curiosity I went to see what kinds of flavors they had. I saw Fufu Berry and Cream Soda. It began to call my name and I quickly gave in:) I bought two cases. Since that day I have been hooked! I have almost tasted every single flavor and Im always looking for new ones. I don't think I want to stop my addiction to this Jones Soda crap just yet. It tastes sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood!

Peace, Soda Savant

The Hundreds World...

Bun B(UGK) drops by the Hundreds spot in L.A for some shopping. He should really get his boy Pimp C in their to revamp his wardrobe. I'm from TEXAS too and you can't wear mink coats 24/7 homie:)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

De La Decks

Signature Skateboards has come out with a set of decks titled ‘From The Soul’. With the permission of the legendary group De La Soul, they produced about 100 decks in both yellow and blue colors. You guys better "hurry up and buy" because they only made 100 pieces and 50 pieces worldwide. Damaged Good$ is lookin out for you though. You can cop these exclusive decks at Digital Gravel

UGK - International Player's Anthem (Feat. Outkast)

Best Damn Vid in Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!