Thursday, September 28, 2006

Its Goin Down Like Monica La-whatshername!

Today is going to be Ludacris cause Im gettin in the studio for my own release therapy! Im so damn anxious! I know Im going to be rusty at first but it should come back quick,fast, and in a hurry. I gotta give it to myself, Ive been writing like crazy. I got about 3 or 4 whole songs and a gang of 2-minute verses. The instrumentals are always dope so just wait. I think Peanut is gonna put the finished product on myspace or somethin'. Im very driven when it comes to music so whoever hears it and hates it......tell me. Whoever likes it.......tell me. Im just tryin to tighten my steez up. Nah Mean?! I know you dont but its cool.
Blest, Out

Im just sayin though.....Part 2

I was looking through a site that I dont want to name. And came across this pic. This is a picture of what happens when the people take matters into their own hands. This is a picture of a protest in Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian protesters beat the brakes off of the police and took over the state television building to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany. All of this popped off because a tape was leaked that had the Prime minister admitting he and his socailist party lied about the budget to win Aprils election. Now does this sound familiar to anyone here in the states. I think the chemicals in McDonalds chicken nuggets has killed the "fight" in all of us. Everyone always complains about the president. Well get off your ass and make shit happen!!!!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

.....and I dont even drink!

So it was a party lastnight. A good one too. Me and my roomie got ready like we usually do. We lock ourselves in the room untill we are satisfied with what we are gonna wear. I didnt know it but.....I was listening to J*Daveys song "might as weall" when I was gettin ready. Little did I know that would become my slogan for the rest of the night. We arrived with the whole damn school behind us. I had a rough week with practice and wasnt thinkin about drinking. As a matter of fact I dont even fucking drink! But once my guys started going that song came up, "Might as Well". And I drank and drank and drank and drank. Im a bit dissapointed in self but.......when you get up and run a milion sprints at 6am then you gotta enjoy ya weekend. Im still gonna bust heads this season so fuck it. Its my last time pourin' up though. This morning sickness shit is the worst. You cant even have sex and enjoy it in the morning cause you might fucking rollover and try and get a kiss from your girl and throw up all over her. That would be funny though. But clening that shit up would be a bitch. Trust me, I know.

PEdksg;pgj----So fucked up.........................................................................

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Check It! I only mess with the real stuff/No Puff Puff/Its dirty in Gods bedroom/Clean and sniff up the angels dust.
This movie is not even a movie. It just shows you the raw footage of what was poppin with the drug game in Miami back in the 80's.
Clips here

Ya Boy is back........

Yes he is back! I told somebody that Hov was coming out of that phoney retirement and they didnt even believe me! And I thought to myself "You really thought he was going to retire 4real". What an idiot. I even told him what the name of the album was....."Kingdom Come". He still didnt believe me. Then he asked me "Why would he name it that"? I was like "Get the hell outta here lame". At any rate, the return is really in the making. I dont know why people believed that he was leaving for good. When your so paaionate about something you dont just up and say your done with it. I knew he would be back but not this soon. He is allegedlly working with producers Kanye West, Just Blaze, and the "Best of the West" Dr. Dre. I dont know about working with Just Blaze. His beats dont have as much variety as every other producer in the bizz these days.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I have not forgot about my blog. I was waiting on somethin but I guess its not fallin threw. Im gonna update soon cause..........Im just gonna update soon, damn it! Be on the look out for phoney peeps flyin threw the sky by way of ME. And another thing, You cant wear under armor to class. Thats just beneath lame. I dont know who put out the memo " under armor as day wear is the shit" but they need a good ass kickin':)

Blest(Its not just a name its the truth)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things that make you say "Thats F****d Up"

Sometimes when Im in a situation where Im suposed to be paying attention(class), my mind starts to drift about stuff. Last week it was thinking of ways to get over my frequent cases of writers block. This week I found myself thinking of people whom I thought were important to our culture. First on the list was Malcolm X. I can relate to just gettin' fed up and then woopin folks ass. Then I thought about the beloved MLK. This thought started me to thinking about a conversation I was having with my homie from providence. He told me that Eric Micheal Dyson came to visit his school(Praire View) and shined a new light on what he thought about MLK. He told me that during the whole civil rights movement, the government had his rooms and everything MLK related bugged. Then he told me that one night while MLK was cheating on his wife, he asked his roommate(which was a man) to come and join him and his lady-friend in a small orgy. And in this orgy everyone would be pleased by "everyone", if you know what I mean. If your slower than Shawn Bradley Im saying that their are rumors saying that MLK was queer. Damn! I know its shocking but.........who knows? Think about who you look up to............................They may have homo orgies and you dont even know it.

Peace, Blest

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The usual song format is:Music+Vocals/Lyrics=Song. But sometimes you dont even need words to convey your message, but its rare that a musician masters both of these skills. The Mars Volta is one of those bands that toys with both formats with ease. I had their last album "Frances the Mute" and I had never heard anything like that before. But I loved it. So when I heard there new album "Amputechture" I enjoyed it even more because I knew how they approached making music. Frances the Mute was a very dark and gloomy album. This latest cd is much lighter in mood. I have to admit, the 10minute songs take a minute to get used to but its cool after that. I never would have thought El Paso,TX would be the birthplace of something so innovative. The band is only made up of two guys(Omar and Cedric). They just work with alot of different people like John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rick Rubin to name a few. These dudes are very fresh with the music and take their own approach to things. The album hits stores September 12th. Its worth your time.

Peace, Blest

Monday, September 11, 2006

Nuff Respect

You Think We Forgot.................What a Damb Day.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I know that Im not alone when I say that Outkast is my favorite hip-hop..........let me take that back, my favorite music group of all time. I was anticipating the Idlewild movie and CD like a cure for AIDS. Now I got it, but not in that exact order. I havent seen the movie but I have the music. I listened to the cd the night I got it straight through without any interruptions. This release has got a few horrible reviews. But if your a real 'cast fan then you will enjoy. Throughout their musical journey they have evolved with each and every album, this is no different. It does have that old 1930's sound that they were going for in some songs. The song I have on repeat is Macy Grays' "Greatest Show on Earth". The production and arrangement is dope on the track. To tell you the truth I liked the album BUT. It seems like Dre is steering away from rap and leaning towards melodic ballads. Big Boi did his thing as well but the album left me wanting alot more songs with the duo on the same tracks. But dont get it tangled or twisted. You can still hear a piece of that 'ol outkast sound in every song. So would I tell someone to buy the cd..........Hell YEah!!!!!!!Its Outkast

Peace, Blest

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Real #1 Stunna

Lets forget about all of the diamonds, cars, and chains.........make a damn statement. UK "guerrilla artist" aka "a grown ass man thats fed up with this sh*t" Banksy is doing just that. The guy remixed Paris Hiltons album on his own and then put out 500 copys of it in 48 stores around the UK. If thats not gangsta I dont know what is(That was such a cliche). But the best part about his antics are the pictures. He is an artist so you would expect it. One of the pictures were re-done to show Paris with a dogs head. This is classic. I hope this gets people wired up and inspired. Everyones giving him his props too. A Virgin Megastore spokesperson said ""I have to take my hat off - it's a very good stunt,". Nuff said

Peace-And if you wanna get Banksys' remixed version just hop on e-bay.

It aint even fair........

You know whats F***** Up? Do you? Japan gets the best damb denim before everybody in the world..............the world Craig. I already knew that but Im still pissed about it.

-Good ish cummin in about 10 hours.
Blest, Stay Tuned

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Boys Game is Advanced

Fupe Liasco! Sorry, Im excited and tongue-tied. L-u-p-e Fiasco has a new song and a video that comes with. "I Gotcha" is a pharell laced track with lupe sprinting over it. The video is a mixture of those Jay-Z, Shaun White, and Pharell commercials you have been seing all over the tv lately. It also has a little Atari influence as well. The clothes are sick as usual. But really you shouldnt have even read this far if you were a true lupe fan. Because you would have just seen the pic and then clicked here>>>>>>>FNF^

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I love Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls

Im the type of person that really doesnt care what people think. Ill say it if it needs to be said and do it if it needs to be done. Im not the type to hide anything from anyone....Im not the government. But I said that because some people just act as if you know the real "them" then thats not "cool". I can remember this time in high school when I was at lunch. And the topic of our discussion was "Sexy ass white chiks". Keep in mind that my school was in the middle of the hood, so you know what kind of kids I was dealing with. But everybody knew what kind of dude I was so the fact that I said "Pink" was no surprise. Everyone knows that I love a good punk chick, they can be appreciated even if you grew up in the hood. Eventhough she really isnt punk, she is still sexy. But this one cat kept tryin to clown me for that shit. Im like "Yo! You do you and Ima do me"! This dude was really irritatin' with his fuckin 3gallons of starch on his jeans. Then after school he comes up and says "I thought about it and I gotta give it to ya. Pink is a bad bitch" I just laughed at his ass and felt sorry for him. He really liked Pink too so I was just his outlet. Now Im about to be an outlet to the dudes who cant speak spanish but watch Univision anyway. Besides a nice Black woman I would have to say that a nice latin girl is great as well. I love them both the same. These two more than any others. I admit that I only watch Univision for the nice looking ladies on my favorite show "Muevete". I know Im being rediculous but I can bet you that Im not the only guy who does this. The host, Maribel Guardia(Look Up), is hot too. But they always have about 8 dimes on every show. This morning the show had an actress on named Shanon Benedek(I think) who was a dime too. Sorry guys I had to do it.
Peace, Blest-Gotta love Latinas

Friday, September 01, 2006

Im Paintin a Blank....

Things that dont make since:
  1. When folk just show up at ya place without calling, and have the nerve to get mad when you ban their ass from coming over. Serves them right and wrong.
  2. Waiting on checks. Especially when you spend it before it hits your hand.
  3. J*davey not selling a gadillion albums....Good Music is Good Music.
  4. Waitin on the Sa-Ra album.
  5. Waitin on studio time
  6. Having writers block....screw the block, having writers hood.
  7. And finally trying to zone-out to my p-head and constantly being interrupted.