Monday, November 27, 2006

Know Difference Trailor(B-Unique)

Check this lil clip out. I remember these days:) Of course I was only about 6'1 at the time so it wasnt as difficult on the knees. The B-Unique crew is my favorite. They are diverse and all of the members can hold their own. Plus, Jim Jones supports' cant go wrong with Cappo's support. They got a dope new line coming out so look out. You know I got the majority of their first line(I had to). At a time where everyone is trying to be down with the whole skateboarding movement, its cool to see cats stayin true! I got a skateboard too, but I dont front like I know all of these tricks. I prefer blades anyway.......But nobody does that stuff anymore:(


Friday, November 24, 2006

OkGo Dance

I posted somethin about this vid a while back......but "Here It Goes Again"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Whats Really Good??????

For some strange ass reason....................This does not get my stamp of approval! SOmebody has to say something about this bullsh*t. Just because its different or exclusive doesnt make it hot.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Play The Dozens...........Its Fun

I just thought I would let you know about something you need to know about......???? Im pretty sure its not just my little secret anymore. In fact, it probably never was. This site has alot of stuff that "Strange-Ass Strange-Asses" like myself are into. You know, all of the art and retard indie music. This visit will be a great one because of the dope interview they got with Camille Rose-Garcia! And they got exclusive pics from her LA show "Doomcave Daydreams"! I check it everyday like I do the "Dork". So go ahead and check out my family over at Crown Dozens.
-So why are you still reading this...................Hard Headed Ass Kids!!!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Born and Raised In The County of..........

I am pretty disgusted with the whole street scene at the moment. Well, not at everybody.............just the pions who copy ideas and print them all over a t-shirt and charge like $45 for it. It makes no sesnse to me. Everybody wants to be different but it looks like being different is just re-categorizing the same stuff over and over again. I saw this brand on Karmaloops "Kazbah" section for new lines. Its called D.A.D.E. Yeah its based in Florida. They are a breathe of fresh air as far as Im concerned. Its funny though. Like I said earlier, Now being different is just putting out the same crap and changing the title. The D.A.D.E line was one of the first lines featured on Kazbah. All of the other lines have their own style as well(Eventhough some of the stuff looks like dog puke:). Now they have more lines up and a line which I choose not to name, has already copied the shirt you see to the right. Its like "Does anyone have a mind of their own".

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekends & another one begins

My weekend in a nutshell:

  • "Brazilian Girls" turn me on>>>>>>$
  • Draining the "Main Vein" outside with the stars shining over you is heaven.
  • Christmas Break(Anxiety:)=$

More Updates comin tommorrow.........Im hungry so Im about to chow down


Friday, November 10, 2006

3000 does it again.......and again......and again

Outkast is my favorite group of all time. And Dre is my favorite MC of all time. Some people even say I look like him sometimes. But I dont know if thats a compliment or a diss:). Actually he is one of my favorites and a very interesting individual as well. Since 3000 has stopped performing with Big Boi he has been very busy. He did the movie "Idlewild" and is now beating us over the head with a cartoon. Yeah folks you read it right, a cartoon. The Dork staff has posted a dope interview done by Terry Gross on their site. The interview really allows you to have a look into how Andre Benjamin thinks and operates. So please check this out:)

P.S-The Alias "Blest" will soon be retired......its time to move on......dont know to what yet but.......its time.......Peace, ?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Gym Class Was Never This Fun

Do you remember your gym classes in school? I do! The shit was lame. I think every gym class had the fat kid who was too huge to do any activities so he just sat on the side. And right next to that kid was the scrawny kid that had a note to get him out of anything in life. Eventhough Im an athlete Im probably the furthest from your typical athlete. I was the kid that screwed up the basketball games on purpose by passing to the other team and pulling my teammates shorts down(I still pull my teammates shorts down.....some stuff never gets old:). And when we played "Wall Ball" I would just hit the other kids not even trying to hit the wall. Now kids like me have "Heroes" to look up to. Meet Travis, Disashi, Matt and Eric. When put together they form Indie Hip-Hop/Rock Band the "Gym Class Heroes". Straight from the mean streets of Geneva, New York. Their following has gotten pretty crazy in the last 2-years. They our on Decaydence which is also home to bands like Cobra Starship and Fall Out Boy. Theyre sound is a nice mixture of rock and hip-hop. Frontman Travis McCoy is a character himself. The Heroes live show is dope as hell and very intimate much like the lyrics spit by MC Travis. Topics range from pill poppin love sickness to homophobia in schools(Real Talk). They are truly an inspiration:) For mo info on tha Heros check'em at Gym Class is Cool Now