Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sidekicks fight scene HL clip_by Sportivoz

Who remembers this movie? I remember in the 2nd gradea they did a casting for extras and it was like a big deal@ Me an my homie Bo were buggin' out the whole weekend just thinking about scenes in the movie and how LAME this joint was hahahaha


I know its been a minute since the last post but we have been HELLA BIZZY! We linked up with a few peeps and are trying to keep pushing our music. We just did a song with our UK fam Xrabit on Big DaDa. Then we still have a joint to finish up for Prince Will(This Joints a BANGA!)And shopping has taken up alot of our time as well:) Not to mention today was the first day of school, and all I had in my pack-pack was a few CCS catalogues, MP3 Player, Rhyme Books, and Headphones. I guess that shows you how focused I am on school at this point:) But we will be back on our posting shit once we get used to being students again.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crank Dat Dragonball Z

Ok.......The Superman was ok......but all these stupid ass dances are gettin out of control! Stop this shit! the next person I see doin some snap shit is gettin there ass stomped!!!!!!

Fam-Lay ft. Pharrell - Da Beeper Record

This song is old as hell but................hit me mon my beepa!!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weezy F. Baby "Outstanding" Prod. Dr. Dre

Its pretty dang official.......Citas' son has taken over the game without a doubt! It seems like every other HOUR he is coming out with a mixtape or a single. If Andre 3000 never existed he would be the best rapper alive, so that makes him second in my opinion. Now that the "Carter 3 Album" has been pushed back a few years:) I guess he felt sorry for the fans and let this gem titled "Outstanding" leak out. And to show you that the Carter 3 is going to be a historical album, Weezy went and got a timeless producer in Dr. Dre! If Dre messes with you then you know your official. Check the song out here....Enuff Jaw-Jackin'