Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fat Boys

Once Again......a classic

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Sounds

Brief is better. So here is a list of the songs that have been in rotation in my LIFE for the last few weeks. And I have to say that I have an addiction. An addiction to new music! Its become like fast food, once you eat it, you want more a few hours later. But I know Im not the only one like this! Or maybe I am. But if not, then enjoy my list of bad......musicians:)

Cage "Blood Boy"
This song is dope. Thats it! Def Jux!

Casual "Here am I"
Dude is basically explaining how he met the Hieroglyphics crew. Its funny and the production fits the subject matter. And Casuals flow is always on point so.......U know...Good Music:)

The Cool Kids
"Mikey Rocks"
These Chi-town MC's Inglish/Mikey Rocks, are like a modern EPMD. They got the Tony Hawk syndrome, but thats ok, that may really be what they do. But they"re music is bumpin! The song is basically Mikey "tootin his own horn" over the beat. But he's tootin the hell out of it! I wouldnt be surprised if you saw them on TV really soon.

Cornelia "U Got It"
Cornelia is a sexy songstress from Sweden. Her sound is different and its kind of like an Electronic/Soul sound. And you have to love a chik whose chorus says "You make me cum"!

VCR "Mega God Blast"
They have actually been in my rotation for a few years now. Their music is always energetic and powerful, in a Sesame Street meets Super Mario on about 4 mushrooms kind of way. Everything aabout them screams "punk"! But they do have a little electronica influence in there somewhere.

I hope you look these artists up cause.......well I really dont care. But I thought they were worth my time and yours as well. Stay tuned for...................The Sounds:2

The Makings of Monsters

I literally lucked up and stumbled upon this gem, and busted my ass. And Im glad I did too:) C-Rayz Walz is a dope MC. I've followed his career since his first Def Jux album was put out awhile back. Now I have his whole musical catalogue! And this next album is bananaz! Its actually not just C-Rayz album though. He has teamed up with Babygrandes' secret weapon, Sharkey. This guy is a damn genius. Trust me on this one. He really mixed all musical styles with this collab album justly titled "Monster Maker". Ive heard two songs and Im hooked already. I really cant wait to see them live! I saw some footy of them performing on the tube and it was official! You know C-Rayz is good for giving his all once he hits the stage. OOOOOH, they even got a joint with Matisyahu! Im interested in hearing that since Im not too big on Matisyahu in the first dang place. I have to say that this is like Gnarles Barkleys little brother coming into his own and shoving his size 13's in his ass for shaving his eyebrows off. Want to learn how to "Make Monsters"


Suck MY Stick, Bitch

So I picked up a random issue of WIRED magazine today. It was actually pretty interesting. It was giving everyone the low-down on stuff we think about all the time but still dont know the answers to. Like one was about the age old question, "How many licks does it take to get to the center?" I used to see that dumb commercial with the owl all the time when I was a kid. As I began to read, it said that Purdue and the Univ. of Michigan actually did an experiment to find out. They both built a "licking machine" and the score was: Purdue-364 licks, U of M-411 licks. This made me think. Arent these two well respected institutions of "Higher Learning"? Arent they supposed to be building Mech Warriors or finding out what Gak is made of? Instead they're screwing around the lab with some damb Tootsie Rolls! Im confused. Whats wrong with this country? But then again the "Terminator" runs the westcoast:) They did get around to saying a human tongue gets the job done better at a very efficient 252 licks. Humans do it Better!!!!!!!!!


Slick Rick

I told you!!!!! More real for the real:) I remember they used to play the hell out of this record at Redbird Skateland. If your from the D you know what Im talkin' about.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Run DMC - Run's House (1989)

I just saw "Krush Groove" and it was dope as hell. So to show my respect for the ol' skool Im gonna give you one classic joint a day, all this week:)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

J Dilla -

You Know Tha Name!!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NIKE AIR FORCE ONE 25 Y.O. Anniversally Live

Just Keepin tha theme.........:) Really Watch This Shit!
Its Dope

Lupe Fiasco -

Im an A.D.D music listener at times. I have to admit that I started sleeping on my guy Lupe:( eventhough one of my homies looks just like him. I came up on this little snippet as a reminder for those who were sleeping as well.........WAKE YO ASS UP!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, February 19, 2007

"Timeless"/AF1 25th Anniversary

To celebrate 25 years of the "Air Force 1" shoes existence, some cool people by the names of Kanye West, Nas, KRS-1, and Rakim came together on one song! And not to mention production done by some guy named Rick Rubin:) To add a huge cherry on top, the remix to the Rick Rubin joint is done by non-other than Dj Premier! Ricks joint is titled "Better Than I've Ever Been" and Premier's is simply "Classic". Everythings available on i-tunes today so go ahead and check it. All proceeds will go to the “NIKE Youth Sport for Change Fund,” to support youth programs that use sport as a means for change. To preview these tracks, just click the pic to the right.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Corrine Bailey Rae - Like A Star

..........I like this song too:) Thanx VH1 at 2 A.M

Fa Real Though, Tink About It......

Hi........yeah its another one..........dont hate......Im just joshin' mang! I hope everybody is having a Happy "Sex Day". That is the whole point of all this hoopla:) But this post isnt about chocolate covered strawberries, eventhough that sounds tasty. I was flippin' through the channels the other day and came across CNN. They were talking about something that had to do with the government. Political crap isnt really my forte. I know Democrats and Republicans.....thats about it. But I did manage to catch the whole "Barak vs. Hillary Clinton" Soap Opera. Now I usually dont give a damn about this kind of b.s, but just by the "looks" of things this is gonna be something really "grand"(Grand......I like that do too, dont ya?). So I asked the folks at one of my favorite shoe spots, a childhood friend, a brother from another, a guy that keeps film in his refrigerator, and a brazilian bombshell what they thought about the "Barak vs. Hillary" fight..........Round 1!

"The Dope Spot"

Though I am independent I care about what goes on in politics to a degree. I really like Barak Obama and think that is is a really interesting tme in politics, historically and transitionally. It is pretty monumental to see what might possibly be the most interesting campaign in political history as we have a Female running for office and a strong HIGHLY potential Black (African American) running for president. John Edwards...if he takes the presidency, which I doubt, would raise serious questions on our political prowess as a nation. As far as ligitimacy and capability for the presidency I believe Barak Obama, personally, has the most potential to strike up serious change in the US. I think this will raise serious controversay because people are still backwards and have a fear of a Black president simply because it is unknown. I think that tyhe people also have a fear of a female presidnet because it has never been seen before. And honestly I think Hilary is just as capable as a president. I feel that there is a something to b said about a female leader that has not been exposed yet out side of the Queen of England which is really all ruled under a ecclesiastical heirarchy of more less dictators through chains of command...not much different than a presidency really but less church and more State.

It should be an interesting next 4-10 years in the US. "THE U.S. IS A SLOWLY SINKING SHIP!"



"I think Hillary is going to take the win. But I like Barak as better candidate;hes careful in each of his speeches and never says "I" and always speaks of "We". He thinks before he speaks. And I think that the U.S is so divided, that we need a president to start bringing us closer and blur some of the lines. But Im afraid the democratic party will divide and give an immediate win to the republicans again".


"Barack is the future, plain and simple, he's got the vision and it looks like he really wants something better for this country. I've seen that look in my mother's eyes too, that "American Dream" glow people get when they wax poetic about how things could be better. I'm voting for him, not even just because of his tan, but because I can's a FOB thing!"


Super Dave

"Is there anyone else running?, crap. Its wild, its like a horror story to many people b/c what scares most Americans (white man) than this. You have this black cat running and a crazy white women running for president. There could be history in the making, but for the supporters out there i wouldnt get my hopes up b/c its still a long ways away. So, I really don't think much about it right now."

Aaron "The Film Don"

"Hmm...I haven't been keeping up to date with the whole Presedential news lately. Please forgive me for not being as informed as I should be. Blame it on the damn "transfering thought into its physical form" (school) system for taking up all of my time. Should I not be making lame excuses such as that? Honestly I'm not really in tune with the political game."

-So(Exhales:) there you have it. Straight from the minds of four young trendsetters. This is going to be good. You have a black guy running for president, which is cool. Black folks are happy and Im sure they're saying to themselves as I did "At least it aint Al Sharpton or Don King". And its cool to have a female representin'. I hope this world is ready..........

Peace, Where are the side items?!:)

Fall Out Boy - This Aint a Scene, It's an Arms Race Video

This video is hilarious:!!!!! I kinda like the song too. I think Travis from GCH makes an appearence as well. These dudes got a crazy sense of humor.......if not them then the person who came up with the video concept.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Sister is Lucky I Luv Her

Sooooo partay folks! Whats poppin and sizzlin'? Im all about lending a helping hand, foot, lips, penis(jk) get the idea:) So when I found out about this line I had to tell somebody! As you can see its called Fattie Boom Bottie. The talented creator Cuba, who looks like my older cousin, also screws around with Bettie with the Honey Pot blog. I met her at a album release party through Bettie. The line has a myspace profile as well. I thought it was a porn stars page, so when she added me as a friend I let the request sit for the longest freakin' time. I apologize for the misunderstanding:) I have to say that I like the first set of shirts that I've seen. When I saw them I immediately thought of my little sister. I especially like the "Knock Knock" shirt with the huge gold door-knockers. My sister is definately gettin' one of these as soon as they hit the streets. They will debut in about a month or so. SO PLEASE DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! And if you dont take my useless opinion, look 4 yaself----->$

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Riottt Squad

I came up with this goodie while I was "Boredom Surfing". That means that I ditched my research paper efforts on Baroque poetry and started surfing the old "www" instead. While I was on hypebeast(I think), I saw this article about "Riott Festival". I cant tell you when it started but I know it ends at the end of March. This site turned out to be an "Indie-Heads" paradise! Its basically an indie-myspace. It also has dope interviews from artist like Defari, Sa-Ra, Saul Williams, Peanut Butter Wolf and alot more of your favs. They cover the whole board, from art, to music, to film, and photography. I already signed up for my account and you should also...........Its FREE:)

Check Out the Riottt$

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Game- Wouldn't Get Far

I know the youtube post have been a bit much. But I had to post this. Kanye is one of my favs and his verse is hilarious. The concept is dope as well. I hope none of you "Video Vixens" get offended by this! What am I saying? Who cares! You should've kept your mouth closed:)