Monday, October 30, 2006

She Gave'em Somethin' Real

Bettie is back again! This time with some authentic ish. Not to say that her previous post were'nt, but pay attention. For those of you who are wondering who this Bettie character is, check her out at the HoneyBee spot to the right under my blog section..........Now.......Class is in session.

----------------------------------------------- A failure. When Rej left I was does one go from being almost married to very single? I still spoke to him daily, out of habit, and because he was the only person I knew intimately. It is not my nature to become very close to people. Sometimes I smell his cologne, hear his voice, even feel his touch, it still makes me cry, all this time, and I still break at the very mention of him. I remember our last Christmas, he went to visit family in Portland,so i stayed behind on campus. His dorm room was never very warm, but I was fine, waiting for him t come home. Diligent in my support of that man. We celebrated Christmas on the 27th, and I decorated, even though we had no money, He asked me on New Years where I got all of it from, I'd stolen it, and he knew, but he didn't want to believe it. We opened presents and he gave me my engagement ring that night, subsequently ruining Christmas for me forever. I was more excited than I have ever been, full of hope, like my life was perfect. We made love in the midst of the boxes and tissue paper, in the cold, on the floor because we didn't want to move and ruin the moment. It was the most fulfilling sex I've ever had. Mostly because my emotions were in it,in him, and I felt him more than just physically. I miss him still, and that feeling that I got whenever he entered the room.....With my face lighting up and my heart finding it's missing piece. Being Complete.

There are so many things in this life to fear, Mine is loneliness. Only because I have a feeling I will die young, I am presently hanging on the edge of sanity as it is so I have very little hope for a real future.....So i'll stick to my books, bury myself in projects, and try to forget that ache, the lingering fear of dying alone. -Bettie

Sneaker "Arsenal"

When I think of athletes with style..........I honestly draw a blank. Most athletes wear hella jewelry and an unfortunate amount of fur. Theyre style is really bland for the most part, and when it comes to sneakers, they always have exclusive footwear but its always the kind thats ugly as hell or becomes available a few days later at your local shoe store. I came across this pic over on HighSnobiety. This is one of my favorite soccer players, Thierry Henrys sneaker collection. I knew the dude had some style. He doesnt have a choice.............he's French. But if you look at the pic closely you will begin to drool. They guy has an unlimited amount of "Nike Prestos" and a gadillion custom joints. He also has the custom Nike "Stand Up, Speak Up" sneaks. "Stand Up, Speak Up" is Henrys organization designed to fight racism in the soccer world that many of our "dark skinned" soccer players face. Its a shame. Its 2006, how are we supposed to have flying cars when we cant even get past skin color? Lameness. But back on these sneakers! Just look! And Im pretty sure this pic didnt get all of them either. But Im gonna keep it real, there are a few pairs that are questionable............And I know you see'em


Friday, October 27, 2006

That Feelin'

Ive been thinking for a minute here about music(like always). I gotta say that its the dopest thing ever created. A higher power had to have had something to do with creating this form of expression. I mean think about it. You know how when you hear a certain song for the first time, its so good that it gives you the chills. Whatever happened to that kind of music? Maybe Im being strange and Im the only one on earth who gets chills. But the song is so good and it just reaches you in a way that really cant be explained. I know everyone has a list of their "AlliTime Favorites", and so do I. But there are so many that I have just decided to put them in the "Songs that gave me chills" category. And the list reads:
  1. Lupe Fiasco ft. Sarah Green-Real
  2. Pete Rock and Cl Smooth-Reminesce
  3. Afrika Bambatta-Planet Rock
  4. MF Doom-Money Folder
  5. Outkast-Toilet Tisha
  6. Outkast-ATLiens
  7. The Toadies-Tyler
  8. The Clash-London Calling(All of It)
  9. Prince-Darling Nikki
  10. Andre 3000-Spread & She lives in my lap

This is in no particular order. While I was writing this I decided to make this into more than one post because its just too many songs that make me go "OOOOOOOOO"!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Culture Spot

Im a huge fan of the Japanese culture, although some of the food and customs are pretty strange. Take fuzoku(commercial sex) for instance. In Japan they have these "cafes" where, if you are a Japanese citizen, you can go and fulfill your sexual fantasy. You should see these places, they are all decorated with bright ass colors and anime. The girls that work there have their faces put on a type of menu for the customers. Yep, they use anime to advertise that crap. I too was hurt.....poor anime characters. They're specialty shops as well. You can go to places where you actually act your fantasy out, recieve oral sex only, or just watch some classic porn. These love hotels bring in a sick amount of cash estimated at about 80-billion a year! Im pretty sure the bunny ranch aint' bringin' in that much. If you want an even closer look at these "anime pimps", then check out photographer Joan Sinclaires book Pink Box. She hassled the owners of these fine establishments to let her in and came out with this book that contains 155 pics of what goes down.

F****d up Tube

I got a damn bone......nah...a whole skeleton to pick with the bums over at youtube. I got an account on their site, like a billion other peeps do. They have a dope ass feature that allows you to blog on a clip from their site. I used it like twice and it worked perfectly. But that was during the summer! I have been trying everything to get that ish to work and it wont. Its just a making me frustrated. I feel like a fat , un-athletic, slow, bald white guy playing pick-up games with Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony. i have all of these clips I want to share but the damn youtube staff is slackin'.

If anybody knows what the hell is going on please help me!!!!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Betties Buzz

Back again.......and it wont be the last........Bettie! If you cant recognize her skills then you should think about why your breathing at this moment in time. So here it is......Enjoy......but not too much cause nobody wants to clean up those stains:)

Rain is honest. It doesn't compromise with you, either you accept it and the compromises that come along with it, or you get wet. Simple. I like a rainy night, it's as if the rain is coming out of nowhere, like the rain is sneaking up on you, and you need to be on your guard at all times..... The rain makes people free I think, open, more-so than they would be if they could get away from you easily, the rain makes confined spaces your only solace from the unrelenting downpour. He called me at 3:27 but I missed his call,I was cooking anyway. I called him back a few moments after that and we talked for almost an hour or so, I had invited him to come hang out with me a little bit before he went to work, not thinking he'd take me up on the offer. I give the worst directions, but he arrived nonetheless, and we sat in the car talking for over an hour. His exterior really does nothing to give away his personality, which is good, it forced me to get to know him. Talk is new to me, men generally want to fuck me very quickly, the desperation is on their skin and seeping through their pores, like alchohol. He didn't have that and I appreciated his patience. In my mind, I have all of these filthy thoughts, if I were honest I'd say I want to fuck him, but I won't do it. I think this time i'll pace myself, I've never done that, and there's a first time for everything right? It's odd to miss someone's touch when you don't even know it yet. And those calluses on his ring and pinky fingers, are honestly a deal maker. I love men, their shortcomings and their realness, for the most part. Hopefully this won't be the last time I write about him. -Bettie

Gone But will Never be Forgotten.....

Tis a sad sad.......sad week for me. Since 73' CBGB was the "House That Inspiration Built". It housed some of the best Bands like Blondie, the Ramones, and Sonic Youth. So Im stuck asking myself why some landlord idiots had to be bitches about the situation. Its damn near a historical monument. Im pretty sure the folks in the White House dont pay rent and all they do is bomb poor folks. But thats the way this country works.....backwards. If something is positive for the people, theyll just try and snuff it out. "You cant have people going to places that encourage innovation and independant thinking can we"? Im not trying to make this out to be some sort of conspiracy theory or anything. I just wish more people could appreciate a place like this. I heard rock clubs in Brooklyn are sproutin up................To Brooklyn it is then.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dont hate......Innovate

Chello! This is actually old. About like 2 months old. But I was lookin through my teammate/barber/homies pics and decided to put him up(I hope Taz doesnt get mad, I dont even know if he knows I have this blog stuff). But yeah, when I saw my boys mohawk I was kinda jealous. Im always lookin for new designs and ish to put in my head, and here he comes with a tricked out mohawk! Of course you know folks were hatin', but it was the lamest of lames. You know, the folks who couldnt recognize good shit if it came in a solid gold Alife shoebox. I was gonna get one but when he cut my hair he forgot to do it. The design you see is on both sides. It was funny cause he had waves in his mohawk. But I just felt like my boys shit deserved a little more publicity than it got around these parts. So I had to do my part......besides........he put me up on Daft Punk, and that shit is on point.

P.S-More ish from Bettie coming soon.


Its like Crack......but its fashion


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tell Me When TO GO.........OK

Sooooo ummmm yeah. I guess some folks are grossed out about Betties post. Suck that shit up! On to more important matters..........The mornings are a eeeeeessential time for me. I thank God for giving me another sexy day to enjoy. I debate with self if I should go to class(I always lose). And I hear and see some new videos on VH1's "Top howevermany Countdown Show". One morning I heard John Legends "Save Room", I fell in love with the song and video. I went back to sleep. This morning I woke up and saw 4 white guys dancing on treadmills. The bands name is "OKGO". I laughed my ass off...........and went back to sleep. The song is a good song, but at 6am Im not really thinking about the next big thing in the shit hole we call the "music industry". But once again its a pretty dope audio/visual combo. Check It
Peace, Blest Aint I

The Experience That Is........Bettie

As promised, Bettie is back for week 2. So without all of the useless rambling called an "intro" here is week 2's post from The Head-Honeybee:

I have had 4 memorable lovers. Over 4 continents.
My nature makes it quite possible to be flighty, quick to flight and not easy to catch. My sexuality, or rather, the discovery of my sexuality, has been a discovery for me as well as anyone I’ve befriended along the way. My first was an older man, most of them have been. I was young, and he was nearing forty. Frenchmen are a different breed of men I think, they live walk and breathe differently. He was innately sensual, as aware of my sexuality as I was. He knew more about me than I did about him. I’ve had this body for years, so as far as he was concerned, I was a woman. How Lolita. He knew my father well, was one of his best buddies. He was a jazzman like my father too. While he was out, as usual, on one of his tours, Daniel had been designated as my guardian. He stayed in our flat for weeks, while my father had his fun, his women, and his drugs. Daniel and I seduced each other. “Stay up late with me, just a little longer” he said often. And I did. One night I kissed him, and the next morning my skin couldn’t hold my bones together, I was alive. New. My father and I moved back to Brasil the next summer, The longest summer I’ve ever had to sit through. Daniel stayed back. It’s been years since I’ve seen him. Women cannot wait for love forever though; we’re insatiable, uncontrollable. My next was a painter in Sao Paulo; Brasilian men have standards no woman could ever live up to. He was an exception. He painted, walls, signs, canvas and portraits on the docks at Ipanema to pay the bills. I have a soft spot for anything with a paintbrush and a cause. It’s a shame actually. Laughable at best. Esteban played Cab Calloway records while he painted me in the favela. He was a fan of my accent and the way my hips moved when I walked. “I hepped em in London, I hepped em’ in Harlem” He hepped me in La Cidade De Deus, and made forget the crime and desperation outside. He was my connection to a world I’d known nothing of before. Painters, writers, models, muses, a gaggle of sinners, and a handful of saints frequented the studio he called home. His world was full of long nights in places I’ve forgotten how to pronounce, wet matches for eyeliner, the smell of smoke, and bad habits that I have since given up. My life in NYC was bleak compared to the summer I spent rubbing shoulders with his peers. I’ll go back someday, there’s nothing tying me to this country yet. Ibiza is a city of hedonism, the site of my seventeenth year; my wildest experiences have their roots in Spain. There was a discrepancy at a pharmacy about me stealing. (I was stealing, but I wasn’t happy about being caught.) Santi, Mon bohemienne, He saved me from spending money I didn’t have on a bail I couldn’t pay. He spoke four different languages, but made love in French. His flat was airy, due to the absent windows, he had no ties to his material possessions, and so no one stole from him. There was a bed, a radio, a record player, books, curtains, and his clothing. How I put up with him is a mystery. We were opposites, I am a creature of natural excess, and he was a steadfast minimalist. His mind was amazing, knowledgeable in any subject I could think of, and a love of aesthetics. His hands were soft, the hands of a man who hadn’t lived yet, although his face gave away the truth. Those eyes were hazel on a good day and they changed with his moods. We danced at the discothèques with a fever that gave away our sexual appetites, our hips and feet were untrustworthy when the music started, and even after it stopped, our minds kept the beats until the liquor wore off. We drank each other under tables, in private of course, he was a portrait of good manners. I left him in Ibiza with a heavy heart. But, Men like him move on, just as I did. Back in the city, my experience was beginning to show in my face. I loved it. I was a regular at the Suite Sessions, and Panty Parties, which is where I met Genevieve, VV was an up and coming lesbian, the kind you see in magazines and want, but cannot have. She had ebony hair, and full full lips. The kind you get lost in. The kind you sleep in. Pillows. Her eyes were round, and alive with promise. Her place in Staten Island was homey, another word for small, and her drug was activism. She frequented bluestockings and Williamsburg was her home. She made love to me next to her drum sets, in her kitchen, sitting in her window sills, strapped up, bent over, lying sideways, and in empty bar restrooms. Her presence in any room made my hips tingle in the place where she always held me when we were done. Her words had a strength that cannot be described. We ran together in the park near the ferry station, and she held me in the winter while we waited for trains. February came fast though, too fast for us to handle. She’d moved for me, with me, but this city didn’t suit her. She packed up on the 19th, and was gone by the 21st. She left me with a Valentines Day card, and a dead relationship. Her fragrance and touch could bring me to my knees, even today. -------- bettie debauchery

Thursday, October 05, 2006

This Bee Stingzzzz

Im usually not a summer person. I actually hate the summertime because when it comes to me and summer, bad stuff usually happens. This summer was kinda different. It still sucked like Olivia O Lovelys' lips, but it was better than usual. I met alot of different people. Some like me, and others like me:) It was dope though! But I was blessed to meet a certain Brazilian lady by the name of Bettie. Shes got serious curves, and a cute accent. I knew she was dope when she told me she loved SpankRock. I thought "Shes a reciever":). But I felt like the blog needed a womans touch. Ive been really fortunate w/ getting intrviews from folks so I cant complain. But like I said earlier, some things just need that "womans touch". And besides, everybody likes being in other folks bizzz! So get ready for a peak into the life of the second dopest chick in the D(The 1st is my lil sis), because you will get adikted. Its Bettie Baby!!!!!

Bettie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The first night. My sexual appetite is insatiable. I need stimulation like I need air. Truthfully. And I have a thirst for the experience that is sex, the smell of your lover’s skin, the deep breaths, the heat, the release, all of this brings me to my knees, and will probably be my demise. But today it won’t, at least not by my knowledge. I am new to the world of the adults, I just moved out of the house, and am now living on my own, so the opportunities for trysts and affairs are seemingly endless. My time is generally spent in school and at parties, that is to say, around people, more specifically among those of the opposite sex since I am very dedicated to both the Hip-Hop and Dance music scene. Anything covered in testosterone seems to be where I am. My first conquest was of the “Booty-call” variety, bear in mind I’d never even thought of doing it until the exact moment I gave him my address and told him to come by. It was 11:30pm; He got there at 12:45. After berating me for my horrible directions(it was my first night) he asked why I’d called him up, and honestly I couldn’t even answer him, because I didn’t know either. We started kissing soon after that, small talk has never been my strong point, I’m just lucky he had a condom. I am very young, legal, but young, and he was too, but it was honestly the worst oral I’ve ever gotten, not to say that it was a disaster, but youth is no excuse for lacking sexual prowess. Especially after bragging about it, I mean, this isn’t high school right? He kept on his shirt though, which struck me as a little odd, but I didn’t question it. We were all over my bedroom but finished on the bed, the right side of my bed which was by that time broken from us being too rough on it, my mother always told me that I didn’t appreciate the delicateness of old furniture and vintage things in general, she was right, when I was on top of him my mind wasn’t thinking,”Oh I hope I don’t ruin this art deco bed from the 1930’s, it’s irreplaceable.” I was trying my best to fuck his heart out of his chest, to put it very bluntly. I could tell he’d been anxious on the way over because of how fast he was moving, it was sweet though, until I had to tell him to stop and let me handle it. While I was on top he wanted to move under me, and the only thing that helped to do was piss me off. He got the hang of things after a few times where I told him to “Fucking Stop Moving!” apparently I am very bossy in bed, but what Bettie wants, Bettie will get. It was a great experience, definitely not the best, and once we finished I told him he should get going, I wanted him to know that this was the end of our little fling, god forbid he get too attached. Seeing him look at me like he wanted to stay made things even better, and when I shut the door behind him, still nude, I smiled knowing that he’d be calling soon and that I wouldn’t be answering.

There is a power in sex that I think I am drawn to, knowing that I can get a man off, any man, and that I could have any man I wanted, should I put my mind to it, is a good feeling. I will be documenting my affairs here for you, weekly, so stay tuned, I know how much people like reading other people’s business, hell, even I do it, So I’ll try my best to keep things interesting. Ciao! --Bettie

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dork Interview

I told you folks! As you can see I kept my word and produced the best interview of my blogging career:) Its also my first, but whos asking. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. It took a minute but it was well worth it. Im such a fan of the Dork Crew. I believe alot people on earth are. Their site is dope and the content is actually stuff you wanna know about but dont see on the news or your favorite zine. The Dork Crew has it on point at every level. From life, art, travel, and music. Its all quality stuff. I was in the lab when I saw that I had recieved the interview. I was listening to John Legends "Save Room" and actually began singing at the top of my lungs with a huge smile............Im such a damb fan at times. But I think I have bs'ed enough so here it is folks. Drink Up!

Let the folks know who you are.

James Oyedijo, co-founder of Dork Magazine. I live in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. I love vegetables!

What do you think the hip-hop music is missing these days? I mean my
Grandmother told me something a while ago. She was listening to something on the radio and said “Why do you like this junk, It will never last.” I thought about it and it made sense, because kids my age still like Marvin
Gaye and Stevie Wonder...even Prince.

Hip-Hop is like the nerdy kid that sat at the loser table during lunch. When the cool kids finally noticed him, he abandoned his loser friends and pretended the cool kids never made fun of him. Think about it. It was a street movement. A way for marginalized people to have a good time. Cats in the Bronx and Brooklyn couldn’t get into Studio 54, so they did their own thing. When rich people started to notice hip-hop they brought it into the Manhattan clubs and signed rap acts to major labels. To me that was the end of hip-hop and this happened way back in the late 80’s. I say this because all the control was taken from the creators and it became too expensive for it’s original audience to consume.

That’s not to say that good music didn’t come out after it was co-opted. I grew up in the early nineties and believe that was hip-hop’s most creative era. But the music was good because the corporations hadn’t discovered the best means for exploiting it. They weren’t interfering with the creative process. Once groups like NWA sold and Bad Boy took over in 95’, they had their formula: beef, violence, ignorance, and decadence. When a business finds a formula it’s hard to get them to change.

Again, there’s plenty of great hip-hop still being made. We try to highlight hip-hop artists who are still making good music. Heck, I’m sure there’s a kid Ghana or Omaha working on the next Illmatic. But are corporations going to back something that goes against the formula?

What started the whole dork movement?

I met Taj in law school. He had this website ( It was 1999 and Taj was way ahead of his time. He knew that user-friendliness and a clean design should be paramount for anyone with a web-based business. Some people still don’t get that. I remember calling him after I checked his site saying “Dude, your going to be a friggin’ billionaire. I mean, Master P is paid and he’s an idiot.”

I got down with soul-session and I’d hang at his crib talking for hours about content and design. He had a sick set of Technics 1210’s. I always wanted to DJ but I never knew anyone with a set of tables - that solidified the bond. Soon after I got my own set and he’d give me pointers about the art of turntablism. Unfortunately, law school is not the best time to start a business or become a DJ. We never get the ball rolling for real because of that. After we graduated he got at me, we regrouped and Dork was born. I believe I came up with the name randomly at work. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to be ironic. I just liked the hard “k” sound of Dork (you know like Starbucks). It was fun to say.

Who was the last person(s) that inspired you?

My family in general is very inspirational. They came to the US from Nigeria almost 40 years ago and they didn’t make any excuses. They just worked hard and they gave their children every opportunity imaginable. I’m not into excuses. Anyone that is responsible is an inspiration for me.

What’s on ya play list these days?

Bloc Party, The Roots, Feist, Zero 7, Nas, Dip Set (sad but true), Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, Hugh Masekela, Five Deez, Count BassD, Kon & Amir, Kanye, N.E.R.D, Digable Planets, Black Moon, Jay Dee, ATCQ, Slum Village, Wu-Tang, MF DOOM, Madlib, De La Soul, TV on The Raido, etc, etc.

-Spirits in Transit: 4 Hero
-I wrote this for the girl Paris Hilton: Vincent Gallo
-Put the Book Back On The Shelf: Belle and Sebastian
-Supa Star: Group Home
-Crooklyn Dodgers 3: 9th f. Mos Def, Jean Grae, and Memphis Bleek
-Purple: Nas
-Blue Light: Bloc Party
-Bomb Yourself: TV On The Radio
-Supermarket Blues: Eugene McDaniels
-Walking Under Green Leaves: Spymob
-Internationally Known: Count BassD

How do you feel about the death of the " Croc Hunter?(It really was a serious question)

Sad. He had a family.

Top 5 Artist of all time (Music, visual etc)

Keith Haring
Dave Chappelle
Woody Allen
Spike Lee

Any advice to the young dorks running around?

No advice. They know themselves better than I do.

Shout outs-

Shouts to you, fam! Thanks for checking us out. I really appreciate it. Shouts to the entire dorkset! Dorkset!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I cant keep it to myself any longer. I think it would be mighty selfish if I did. But I gotta let you know about The Partys Dj Selects Mix Cd titled "Shes A Reciever"(She really is). I downloaded it and I havent stopped bumpin' it yet. The first night I even fell asleep with it on repeat and ran my damn batteries out. Its got some dope cuts on their like: The Pack "Vans Song", JR WRiter, and Trick Daddy. My favorite part of the mix is the Trick Daddy jump-off. Its dope....thats all I can say. Dallas is about to explode, so be ready! Download HERE!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Watch Me......4real

This weekend was I watched the film "Baraka". Its a dope film that doesnt have characters or words. The images speak for themselves. I have seen it twice, Its a must see. But the strangest thing happened Sunday. I had just finished a verse and saw a video that made me mad. I was like "Are these rappers really that much better than me"? Hell Nah! They werent even saying anything. Then I just got this huge boost of energy and basically planned out how my career was going to pop off. I even got into planning a world tour. ME...World Tour? Damn. But I guess everybody gets that way sometimes. But I do feel like Im better than the Yin Yang twins at least:) I just wanna make dope music. But my mother told me once to act like I know my dreams are going to come true. And to this day that advice hasnt failed me. But back to the blog game. I told you all to sit tight and I would have some stuff lined up for evrybody! Im not gonna give it all away but here are a few hints.......Have you ever been dipped in Honey? or do you know any cool dorks?

Peace, Blest