Friday, December 29, 2006

Stones Throw Singers

Enjoy this video session! Breath In........Now Breathe Out. More posts coming in about 12 hours


Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Return

Well everyone its back to grind and shine time! Im back from being on Christmas break and I gotta say that it was pretty dope:) I was shown so much love from everyone on my return, all I could do was smell the Williams Chicken in the air and smile! It started off with Bettie and the Monkey Bar. We met up and chilled with her friends for a bit. It was this dude who loved the Cowboys and was screaming his support while wearing his Tony Romo jersey. Then I was about to listen to Rob Viktums opinion on the Dallas Hip-Hop scene. I had a fealing that it was gonna be pretty interesting but we left and went to Hot Flash. I was hella tired from practice and looked a bit out of it. I was just on chill mode and wasnt trying to dance or anything. If it was any other time I probably would have been out of control. Bettie introduced me to alot of her friends and the only names I remember now are Rob(Dope Producer), Tia(Sexy Dreds and nice body), Cuba(Reminded me of my cousin Jellybean), Sober(So smooth), and I met the sexiest asian chick in the world(I held her drink.....LOL....:) HotFlash was funny as hell. I was standing next to sober on some strangers SUV and all of a sudden a few school buses worth of drunk Santas' come out of nowhere and start to party hard! It was sooooooo funny! Then the most bogus thing happened............I got pulled over by the swine! He gave me some bullshit excuse about not having my lights on. I dropped Bettie off and passed out on my sisters bed. I hit up the Ghostface/NAs release party with my home-slice Dave. It was cool. It felt strange though, because it seemed like everybody was there to see what other folks had on! That ish is lame. And I spotted something that needs to be adressed, and will be in the next post. Me and Dave walked around Deep Ellum and laughed at how huge some of the dildos are today! The cops broke the shindig up and everyone jetted to Minc. We were gonna go but my stomach was killing me, so we went to IHOP. The new menus suck now cause you cant just get side items anymore. So we kept screamin "Where are the damb side items" the whole night. I tried to come up on a IHOP hat but they werent havin' it. The rest of the break included free clothes, shoes, and much needed family time.

I havent had time to do anything lately. Im gonna be contributing to so that should be cool. Stay tuned cause Im gonna have the realest post tommorrow!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

X-Mas Break

Im sorry Im not comin' with more updates. But Im trying to enjoy my damn break! I wish I had a camera cause' Ive already seen the most bootylicious asian chick and 1 million drunk Santas! But I have a few more days left untill I return and I still have:

  • Ghostface/Nas Album release Jump-Off
  • Snoops House/Mansion Banger
  • More Shoe Shoppin(3 pairs today alone and a dope hoodie)
  • And a much needed Adikt/P.E.G fix

Hopefully I will have some pics up. But if will just have to use that pastime called "imagination".


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Box Magazine

My list of magazines that I honestly read are short and predictable. First I check out the URB and Beautiful Decay. Then I move on to the likes of my favorites, Mass Appeal and Vapors. You could go ahead and throw in the occasional Rolling Stone and Popular Science as well. This has been my diet of print media for the longest and I have to say I was gettin tired of waking up in the morning eating free IHOP. I mean, at first it was total "fat kid" bliss. But after a few years of that stuff you start to search for something a bit different and refreshing. Dont get me wrong, I still like my Mass Appeal with maple syrup, but it wouldnt kill me to throw a few slices of fruit and some grains in the mix. So I lucked up and found Box Magazine. Its just a culmination of fashion, sex, and culture in one. They have real, sensual photos to accompany the interesting topics. Once you visit the site, you will quickly see that they appeal to a variety of sexual tastes. With a lengthy list of contributing photographers, you are able to see sex and all of its "aspects" in an elegant pornographic way through various pesrpectives. As you can see in the pic above titled "First", you could take a wild guess about what and who's "First" it is. The latest issue has an interview with Lady Sovereign!But dont take my words for it, get your own and visit the magazine yourself!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Freaked Out Last Night!!!!!!!!!!!(Really Sun Sun)

So some stuff went on lastnight. I was chillin' though. Our cable is off so I have been gettin' all of my homework done way before the day before the class like I usually do. I even have alot more time to work on verses now. But that will come to an end after the new born year. But back to the meat and potatoes. I was on my way out the apartment to go do "nothing" when I see a homie of mine. Now, this is one of those homies you dont hang with all of the time but when you do its cool. And hes from the D so we gotta stick together. So as Im leaving I spot him in the parking lot and I call his name(We will just call him MF Strange). He comes over and gives me a pound and we catch up a bit. I forgot to mention that this dude is probably in "Atmospheres Top Ten Fans Fan Club". So we talk about Slug and the whole Rhymsayers Crew, basically all of the dopeness they exude. Then "MF Strange" says to me " I bet Slug gets a shit load of groupies!" Im like...........Duh. Anyone who rocks a crowd like that should get groupies! I mean, it should be a law. As a matter of fact, As of now it is a law to have at least 8-13 groupies if you can rock it like Slug does(Done:) So then the convo takes a wrong turn into a part of town where I didnt want to go(Cue the Twilite Zone Music). Keep in mindthat Im in a pretty big hurry to go do "nothing" with my night so Im gettin' pretty frustrated that the conversing has gone on this long. MF Strange goes on to say "And Im not trying to be gay or anything but...........(At this point it was an awkward moment of silence which let me know something sour was about to be said).........I would tottally suck Slugs dick...........Im not being gay or anything" Once he said that I almost threw up on him. Im the furthest away from homophobic, its just that it was so creepy to come out and say that if you are not:
A. Homosexual/Bisexual(Greedy:)
B. HAve a girlfriend who thinks your straight
After that I ended the convo and speed walked away! I really didnt know what to do or say after something like that!

Im ready to come home!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

They Should Have Never Gave You Ni**az P.E.G

Im sure you have seen the flyer.......but in case you havent then here it is! I have to make it to this one. I missed the Miami Vice jump-off so I guess you could say I was waitin on this. It came at the right time too. I mean, here I was killing myself because I dont want this holiday to go down the drain.(But still, If anyone knows about any shindigs in DFW please let me know) Chrisctmas has consisted of things like eating and watching that christmas movie that comes on every year on TBS. Dont get me wrong, the movie is a classic but its not something I would like to consume my entire break. If your in the area then you should probably check it out. I know me and Dave will, the tall skinny black kid and the kinda tall/kinda buff but not really white guy with long hair:)


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jay-Z - Lost Ones (Exclusive)

Ya bouy young H.O is back. This video is so much better than the "Show Me What You Got" Video because of one thing...........its real. No jewels and none of that unnecesary crap. The video really is worth checkin' out. So do like Diddy and......Press Play


Monday, December 04, 2006

Fiona Apple "Not About Love"

I Love Thi$ Sh*t!