Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ghetto Olympics

Im sittin here in the lounge at school waitin on my order which consists of a double cheeseburger and fries to get done. And we just started talking about ghetto pastimes. You know, stuff like jacks, get like me, and my jump-off.......drumroll.....Uno!!!! I remember when I was little I used to get my ass wooped in Uno. The shit was real! And everybody took it serious, I guess thats what made it so damb fun. I got my skills up and started wooopin ninjas back. And this summer I had to dust off my cards and come out of retirement. Nobody at home wanted to see me. I guess some things will never change cause Im 20yrs old and Im lookin for a deck right now so me and my homie can get down. Folks in the hood can turn anything into a "real" sport(Dominoes on ESPN:)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hidden Like Bin Laden

Im addicted to this chick. MIA is tha name and Sri Lankan ass is the game! I knew about this chick a while back but never really gave her a fair chance. So Im on dork and I just so happen to read a small write up on a song of hers that was remixed. Dork always knows what they are speaking on, so I checked it. I turned it up and it was bumpin. Its a remix to the song titled "Grapes". It has some west coast cats on it and the flow of the verses are on point. I have already listened to the song about 200 times, and I have listened to her other stuff and Im feelin it. See what happens when you give ish a chance.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hate on..........A damn shame

Since the beginning of time haters have existed. But you must understand that hate can be used in different ways. You can always hate just because thats what you were born to do. Or you can hate cause you want the object of your haterations fame or "juice". thats todays case ladys and pimps. I was looking on The Hundreds site and saw something so........gay. Some folk have taken a small shot at the site hypebeast.com. I myself have no beef with the hypebeast site, in fact i love it alot cause it helps me out with my own ish. But a few pions made a site called Dont believe the hypebeast. Im pretty sure the beast has no beef with anyone in the street scene. They show everyone love. These dudes just wanna hate. But again hate can be used to expose things. At first I was heated about it. But when i looked at the situation I was probably realizing that this site was funny and answered alot of questions that I had as far as stupid ish in our culture. So you be tha judge
Peace, Blest

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Smart DumbAsses

When you are blessed with the smarts to create weapons of mass destruction or even machines that do crap that humans wont do..........Your a pretty bad mofo. At least it has some sort of purpose even if it makes an entire species lazy as hell or gives the lazy bastards the power to end life on an entire planet. But when you make stupid shit like this then those brains might as well be used as paper weights. Im talking about Earmecca's earring/headphone concoction. The shit is stupid and it looks like a cheap ass plastic jewelry piece. It even comes in different damn colors(Like that makes this type of crap ok).Good thing this shit is only available in Korea, and I hope this virus never spreads. I would give you the link so you can check for yourself but..........naaahh, Its really not worth it. I shouldnt have even posted about it.

Robot Peices, Blest

Monday, August 14, 2006

Green Apples

Green Apple Hoodies cost too damn much. But if money aint a thang then go ahead and brake bread. Im feelin thqa gold jump-off but.....u know. But my internet will 4sure be on this coming friday. We are experiencing a few tech difficulties. Bare with.

Peace, Blest

Damn Damn Damn

I saw these bitches on tha beast. Nice lil brazilian sb dunks. Im feelin the nice lil camo x jungle steez. Peep it

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


That Dashboard Band is gay!!!!!(Habeeb). My roommate is sooooo EMO........Now, back to buisiness. I havent updated cause I had to move shit. We get the internet hooked up today. Soooooo....yeah and I will be back on my shit.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Whats Tha Helio....Yo?

This isnt just another celly update. This is a lifestyle update! The phone to the right isnt just another phone. Its a Helio phone. Helio is a new phone service provider with sick phones. Ill. The pic shows their first of two phones. I only put this one up cause I love this junt. The phone is called the "kickflip" for all you skaters. Lets get into why I love this phone so much.
  • QVGA Display which is held vertically for phone use and horizontally for viewing videos.(And it has a video out so that you can play vids back on a larger screen)
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • Mp3 Player
  • 2 Stereo Speakers
  • TransFlash shot(mmmmmm beefy aint it?)
The other phone is called the Hero, but whatever. Helio is also providing goodies such as bluetooth, 3g upload features, and more. But the most popular of all is the Myspace option. You will be able to acces your Myspace Mobile through Helio. Its out so order it....Or else. For mo info just watch the Helio shine.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

She Really Does Remind You Of A Westside Story

Im pretty sure you already know the gang. You know those chiks from L.A. Not those........the fine ones with style for decades. Yeah the Brown Babies idiot, didnt you see the pic? Anyway Maria of the BB$ crew gave my girl Bettie(Shes not really my girl.....yet.....I just said that to get you mad) a nice interview so go peep it. If you dont then you have to ask yourself.........."Why do I have a brain if its not being used to process the words that form sentences that make up the dope ass interview"?

4real, Blest

Hello Moto

The cell phone has had a huge effect not only on communication but on life as we know it. At first there were those huge ass phones that were the size of bricks, with the same old grey depressing color scheme. Now a celly is essential to life. Now you can have a diamond covered celly with a picture of "Cherokee Da Ass" for a screen saver. Its really on another level now. The size of the phones are getting smaller and slimmer. I personally hate slim phones cause they brake easily and I always lose them. The phone to the left is the new edition to the slim phones of today. Motorola gave word that they will be releasing this phone called "FONE". Its only 9mm thick too. That means if its in your back pocket and you fart, kiss your celly goodbye. It does have a sexy lil' design though, and its made with cheap parts so everybody can afford to cop. So keep your eyes open for this in other colors around the holidays.

Peace In, Blest

The G.O.O.D.S

So one of the new things I was speakin on a few updates ago was music. The people are tired of this bubble gum radio ish and want the real. But the only problem is that they tend to have problems finding real ish. So every week or so, I am going to bring it to the people. The Realness!!! SO the first folks Im giving to the people are Sa-Ra. If I could describe them it would probably be jazz, hip-hop, and blues rolled into one blunt that burned slow. These dudes are ushering in a new sound. The group consists of Taz Arnold, Om Mas Keith, and Shafiq Hasayn. They hail from the left and right coast. They are all succesfull producers having worked with Ice T, Foxy Brown, and Dr. Dre to name a few. These dudes are like N.E.R.D on steroids. They have also signed with Kanye;s G.O.O.D Music Label so watch out........seriously.I have been bumpin them for the longest, actually I feel kinda selfish for not posting earlier. But dont listen to me, listen to Sa-Ra.

Fuck Wit Me Gumby, Blest